Software development and supplyBasic software set contains:

Basic software (measuring and monitoring instruments, regulation and control) of:

  • Instrumantaion and automation
  • Electric drive

Operative monitoring and control (automatic and dispatching)

  • PLC software
  • Operator panel software
  • SCADA systems

Dispatching analyze and planing software

  • Database software
  • Computer workstations software

While developing a software on a controller level our developers can freeally operate multiple instrumental resourses, but we prefer packages that support machine code on a basis of IEC 61161-1 standard (Step 7, GX IEC Developer and other).


Controlling software development is executed for a PLC of a leading companies such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Cimon, etc..


For the operator level development we use speciailized software of SCADA systems class that provides a possibility of collection, vizusalization and archiving an information about thechnilogical process execution and its control via operator stantions.

In our projects we use different SCADA packages depending on customer needs, requests and thecnology features. Most used packages are: WinCC, Citect and Cimon.

The main criteria in the development of HMI is a clarity, simplicity and intuitiveness in a operation process. A software we develop has a high algorithmic power and reliability.

Moeller EASY Microl ALPHA Step7 Hardware Configuration Step7 LAD CimonSCADA

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