Within the project activities the company performs the following scope of work:

Project design and estimate documentation:

Main documents set:

  • The block diagram of the technical means
  • Automation Scheme
  • Diagrams of an external wirings, including field equipment and power electric equipment
  • Connection diagrams of an external wirings, including field equipment and power electric equipment
  • Junction and connection tables
  • Equipment positioning and external wiring plans, including field equipment, etc.
  • Installation of automation equipment drawings
  • Electrical schematic diagram
  • General view of automation control cabinets drawings

Attached documents:

  • Targets for the development of construction, electrical, plumbing and other topics related to the creation of the system
  • Documentation for the manufacture of non-standard equipment
  • Cable log
  • Equipment, montage materials and cable specification
  • Estimate documentation


Operational documentation:

Hardware documentation:

  • Explanatory note to the technical project
  • Description of the hardware
  • Hardware maintenance documentation

Wide system solutions:

  • General description of the system
  • The system passport

Institutional support:

  • Technological manual (in common with the Customer)
  • User manual


  • Software description

Informational support :

  • Input signals and data list
  • Output signals and data list
  • Database organization and management manual

Project documentation is developed in a digital format with a use of engineering packages such as AutoCAD, Caddy+.

Project development is made basing on an individual customer needs and according to national standards, specifications and guidance documents.

Hardware scheme diagram Схема автоматизации External connection scheme Plan

Schematic diagram Specification