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Silo ACS

Transporting automation schemes that are used in a food industry are highly complicated, especially one that are used on silo. Silo is a depot that consists of numerous containers and equipped with a system of transporting mechanisms (transporter, elevator), also with routing systems (shutter, unloading cart, gate). Silo is used for collecting and purification of the seeds or grain, as well as for supplying it to a customer or for redirecting it for further processing. Silo

Designed system provides general automatic control and a local control for local technological process of a silo, such as: grain collection and storage brought by automobile and railway transport, redirecting of a grain for further processing and grain purification, etc.

ACS main tasks are:

  • control of a local mechanisms and routing in general;
  • nonstop route switching;
  • unloading cart automatic positioning.

Implementation of this ACS essentially increased silo productivity and decreased energy consumption and labor cost, it was a result of total silo process automation. Additional advantage was reached by reducing a routing time, minimizing number of start and stop operations of a local mechanisms due to a non stop route switching system. Reduced a grain losses during the transporting period and increased secure level for a staff due to operative reaction on emergency situations

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ACS of oil hydrogenation

Hydrogenation process are implemented for conversion of a liquid oils to solid state, that can be used to make margarine, stearin, etc. This process are usually executed in a reactors and autoclaves, that are known as highly difficult because of kinetic and dynamic issues. They need a variety of special conditions to be obtained that are imposed to equipment, pipelines, fittings as a result to an automation control systems as well.

Designed ACS is intended for automation of hydrogen feed to a reactor for hydrogenation process stabilization.

Main functions of the system:

  • pressure and temperature measurement in a reactor;
  • hydrogen feed regulation to obtain a set pressure in a reactor;
  • hydrogen feed blocking in case of set temperature deviation or in case of emergency situation (incl. power shutdown);
  • count and measurement of a hydrogen that feeds the reactor;
  • warning and fault alarm.

ACS implementation provides increase of equipment productivity, reduces the oil losses and energy consumption of a facility, improving the quality of a finished product, improves safety and working conditions of a staff.

ACS of oil hydration

System provides a hydration process automation with maximum excretion of a phosphorus containing substances by:

  • controlling and regulating speed of mixing in a hydrator;
  • controlling of a set temperature in a hydrator;
  • controlling of reactants timing and amount that are added in a hydrator.

System provides reducing of a losses that are resulted by human factor.